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巴黎好地方之——Cafe Kitsune和Bistrot L'Estrapade. 都知道Maison Kitsuné这个巴黎潮牌(什么不知道?小狐狸的logo萌死多少欧洲人)。新开的 Cafe Kitsuné这个附属咖啡店(当然啦,哪个“时髦”人不是一杯接一杯的灌咖啡?)也在巴黎红透半边天。Palais Royal的分店里,冲咖啡卖点心的是日本奶奶搭配年轻的法国小伙。精益求精的奶奶一个劲的数落小伙子,埋怨中又带着关爱。小伙子也是虚心又调皮地受教,一边跟买东西的我使鬼脸吐舌头。两个人一个愿打一个愿挨的情景剧简直是除了咖啡以外的最大卖点。

另外再说晚饭。Bistrot L'Estrapade在南岸有名的Latin Quarter,各种小咖啡馆餐馆聚集的地方。Bistrot L'Estrapade是一个只有一个人服务,最多能做大概30个人(人挤人的坐)的小餐馆。可是人小志气大,这家餐馆的厨房总是能在传统法国菜中,选取最新鲜时令的食材,创造出极具新意的菜品。像我这次吃到的奶油Chorizo香肠炖梨,OMG简直就是刷新了味蕾的记录。甜嫩多汁的梨肉和略带薰香的西班牙腊肠搭配在一起,产生了难以想象的,冲击感的和谐。朋友点的鸭肝,蜗牛,还有之后主菜里的煎鱼,煮三文鱼,烤羊肉,再来甜点的水果sorbet(樱花,蓝莓,菠萝口味)和生姜菠萝,也都恰到好处的给人惊喜。(可惜这里不能一一放图/毒,想看每一样菜品的话可以点去原博客www.SweetChiliFashion.com


Outfit details:


// Rejina Pyo Black Suede Reversible Jacket //

// Isabel Marant Étoile Leather Jacket from Harvey Nichols //

Shirt Dress

// Blue Shirt Dress from ASOS(SALE) //

// C/MEO Collective Shirt Dress from Coggles.com //


// MAISON MICHEL Virginie showerproof rabbit-fur felt hat //

// Glamorous Fedora from ASOS //

// Wide Brim Fedora from Topshop //


// Acne Leather Boots from Mytheresa.com //

// SportMax Knee-high Boots from Matchesfashion.com //

Tote Bag

// Large Leather Tote Bag by Mansur Gavriel //

// Tote Bag from Aldo on ASOS //

// Whistles Black Leather Tote Bag on ASOS //

And you may have heard of Maison Kitsuné the fashion boutique in Paris. But recently the Cafe Kitsuné has also won over many coffee lovers, local and travellers alike. A refreshing matcha latte is to die for after a long walk around town. And the delicate iconic fox shape butter cookies are absolutely lovely(both to taste and to look at) too.

One of the places I've been meaning to visit is the new Ines de la Fressange Boutique. Located just behind Boulevard Saint-Germain on a small street, the chic and lively boutique features ready-to-wear lines from the legendary icon herself, homeware, leather goods and accessories. 

Good tailoring, nice fabric and easy, throw-on chic interpreted the essence of French style perfectly.

Leaving the shop with a huge full shopping bag, I was satisfied for more window shoppings for the rest of the day, which was the best sort of shopping in Paris too.

After an exhausting shopping day, we were glad to find ourselves relaxed and ready to dine at the cosy surrounding of Bistrot L'Estrapade.

It's my second time visiting this small bistro in Latin Quarter. The first experience was so unforgettable and I had to visit again, and bringing more friends too. 

The warm and welcome one-person service was same as the last time. And the seasonal & inventive menu featured some even more attractive dishes than the last time I remembered(but the price remained the same-36 Euros for the three course set menu. I mean...). I decided to go for the starter of braised pear with chorizo in a creamy sauce for starter, and the seasonal salmon as my main. One of my friends went for escargot starter, and the sea bream quinoa main. The other went for a heavier combo of foie gras and lamb.

Until today, I can vividly remember the taste of this dish: how the pear melted with cream at a touch of my tongue, and how the smokiness of the chorizo combined with the sweetness of the pear to create the most surprising yet pleasant taste I'd ever tried. A-mazing.

Matcha sorbet with pineapple and ginger, and mixed sorbets(the BLUEBERRY flavour!) to round everything up.

If Paris is on your schedule, you really need to be there at least for once, L'Estrapade.

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