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正反两穿的外套 —— 复活节小假去了一趟巴黎。逃离了伦敦的阴雨天,巴黎用灿烂的阳光迎接了我们!这一次又穿了一件可以正反穿搭的外套,以为自己小聪明,结果居然在车站见面的时候才发现和朋友撞衫!但这件新设计师Rejina Pyo的皮外套(打折中),皮质柔软,一面是酷酷的黑色皮衣,另一面是更个性的刷了银色纹案的深灰色翻皮。

中午在提前预约的酒店附近的Terroir Parisien de Yannick Alleno 吃了一餐清淡快速的午餐,为下午的密室逃脱准备好(巴黎的密室着实有些好玩)。朋友一直假借帮我拍照实则偷拍我背后的帅厨师。餐厅主打新鲜时令的材料,Yannick Alleno也是米其林忘了几星的明星厨师,不过这家店是走亲民路线的家庭式简餐。下午2点店铺里挤满了人,还好我们提前预订了一下。菜品很忠于法式口味,用料也都是时令的大葱,南瓜,羊肉。不是什么浮夸的菜式,但(因为是帅哥厨师做的,所以)有种温馨的家庭感。


REJINA PYO Yara Black Suede Reversible Jacket • £465 

ISABEL MARANT ETOILE Reversible jacket • Etoile Isabel Marant • £179.51 

Muubaa Reversible Palmira Bonded Leather Jacket • Muu Baa • £310 

Reversible Bomber Jacket • Scotch & Soda • £169.95 

PAUL & JOE SISTER X Ella Rose Richards Reversible Bomber Jacket • Paul & Joe Sister • £137 


Rest of the outfit:


// Stripe Knitted Jumper from Topshop Boutique //

// Striped Riley Jumper from Hobbs //

Skinny Jeans

// BDG Hub Ultra High-Waisted Ripped Black Skinny Jeans on UrbanOutfitters.com //

// High Waisted Ripped Jeans by Glamorous on Topshop //

Over-the-knee Boots

// Boohoo Megan Over Knee Cylinder Heel Boots //

// Stuard Weitzman 5050 Riding Boots at Selfridges.com //

On a very grey Monday morning in London, I packed my luggage and escaped to Paris instead.

Arriving in Paris, the weather was very welcoming indeed! It was the kind of weather that would make you want walk everywhere.

We arrived at our beautiful hotel Hotel Henrriette: a haven for interior inspirations, to drop the luggage (more on this AMAZING hotel later), and headed for a quick lunch in the nearby 5th arrondisement.

Every turn is a perfect picture under that dramatic bright sunlight in Paris. 

And the lunch was booked at Terroir Parisien de Yannick Alleno.I was glad that we booked it in advance on Trip Adviser(yes you can book direct through them now!), the lunch service was packed in there. Local families, couples, travelers all gathered there. The two waiters were doing their best to answer to everyone's demand. But it was still a little bit overwhelming for them. There could be a 1-2 mins delay from when you raised your hand/made eye contact with them. But you can see how they were working their asses off, and were in no way ignoring anybody in purpose. I can be more forgiving under this type of circumstances, and I wouldn't say it was a bad service as such. (give you more time to do some people watching and chatting with friends anyway)

I ordered two starters and skipped the main. Pouched leeks in white sauce with crushed boiled egg, followed by trotters salad(personal fave! The sauce in that dish was worth scraping every single bit off with a bread).

My friend ordered a cod with butternut squash puree and mustard, which was beautiful. I'd tasted a bite, and to be honest, there was not much to bite from. The fish melted in the mouth faster than the squash did. It was the perfect assembly of ingredients and flavours.

For dessert we all went for different things just to taste more of everything. There was the apple charlotte, the cream puff, and a honey sorbet with citrus fruit.

To be fair they were all pretty amazing. But somehow craving for a refreshing taste that particular meal, I still liked my sorbet the most.

After lunch, we headed to Palais Royal for a stroll. And I took a chance, of course, to show you what I chose to wear on the trip. Not any ground breaking new idea, I, again, went for a reversible piece!(see how I tend to do it when packing for days away: Trip to Japan & A few days in Paris )

It's an amazing piece of leather jacket from Rejina Pyo. I've found the exact piece on sale now, and a few other reversible jackets as well.

No matter how many times I visit Paris, I can't get enough of the scene with these surreal monochrome columns at the Palais Royal. Always a good spot for a few funny photos with friends and gathering some architectural inspo.  

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