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京都岚山,清晨的翠岚Cafe Takahashi的早午餐-在翠岚留宿的每一天早上,一醒来都会先去泡一壶绿茶,然后把自己也在房间自带的温泉里泡上5分钟,披上浴衣出来,坐在小露台上晒着早晨的太阳喝几杯茶。这样的早上,直到现在还令人魂牵梦绕呢。

早上喝完一壶绿茶,看完杂志,刚穿好准备出门的衣服(旅行中非常推荐的正反两穿夹克,后面链接中挑选了许多正反穿款,大家可以参考),肚子就已经饿的前胸贴后背了。这天只在酒店附近闲溜着,看到一家家庭式的咖啡简餐店,刚好已经开始提供午餐菜单,被简单的家庭氛围吸引,毫不犹豫就走了进去。果然没有失望!穿着讲究的爷爷一个人守在咖啡吧前,手法娴熟地做的蒸馏咖啡令人叫绝。随后奶奶提着些菜从外面赶回来,向我们点头微笑以后,直接进了厨房,不一会儿就拿出我们点的:咖喱炒饭,和炸猪排三明治。我的炸猪排,外皮酥脆,里面则肉质饱满,绝对是猪排届的奥运冠军。狼吞虎咽下之后,点的茶都由样式不同,精巧可爱的茶具里端出来--也都是爷爷多年来世界各地收集回来的瓷器。Cafe Takahashi小店十分推荐!隐藏在岚山风景区背后的居民区小路里。只能用价廉物美,出乎意料来形容了:)

Remember this jacket that I wore during the trip to Paris last year? (probably definitely not, but) My point is, I've brought it again to Japan this time around too. I can't recommend taking a reversible piece on your holiday more, for the obvious reason -- you can flip it over and escape easily when you get followed on the street!

Be it a reversible jacket, coat or blanket cape, here are some suggestions for you:

// Reversible Shearling Coat from Paul & Joe on Net-a-Porter (SALE) //

// Reversible Cream Shearling Coat from ASOS (SALE) //

// Reversible Blanket from Rag & Bone on Net-a-Porter (SALE) //

// Reversible Pattern Cape from Topshop //

// Whistles Reversible Wrap Coat on ASOS (SALE) //

The rest of the outfit is basically the same as the other day,

Fleece Long Sleeve T-shirt

// High Neck Long Sleeve Shirt from Uniqlo //

Cropped Flare Jeans

// Flared Cropped Jeans from Pilcro on Anthropologie.com //

// Patch Pocket Flared Jeans from ASOS //

// Indigo Cropped Flare from MOTO Topshop //

Just a new addition from shopping in Kyoto -- a new, the fluffiest bag I own. If you're also looking to get a fluffy shoulder bag, I've been drooling over these ones as well:

// Faux Fur Shoulder Bag from Stella McCartney on MyTheresa.com //

// (Similar) Brown Mini Falabella from Farfetch.com //

Perfectly wintery, and extremely soothing to touch if a moment of panic occurs unexpectedly. Handy!

Everyday in Kyoto was packed with activities, amazing sights, experiences and crazy delicious food. Arashiyama in Kyoto is an area concentrated with Japanese culture, natural beauty, and most of the first-time experiences you've ever dreamed about in Japan. Touristy at certain spots indeed (but just know, more than half of the tourists come from other parts of Japan), but those are the kind of places you'd want to visit no matter you're a tourist or not. And if you care to take a little detour away from the busy main spots, soon you'll be surrounded by the real feeling of everyday life in Japan: tiny street,modest houses filled with plants, quiet and delicate cafes and stores, ancient yet still vibrant temples...

No matter how exciting the day ahead looks, I never forget to take advantage of the in-room hot spring bath first thing in the morning! Naturally high in mineral content, the hot spring water makes my skin unbelievably hydrated and soft, and relieves all the tiredness from walking up and down the mountains of Arashiyama everyday. 

After a 10 mins dip in the hot bath, I put on my Yukata(Japnaese bath robe), and sit down in the little outdoor porch that also came with the room. Brew a pot of green tea, and just enjoy the morning fresh air and the beautiful autumn ombre that's brought on by the colour changing of the leaves. 

This little morning routine, although only lasted for the 5 days I stayed in Suiran, has admittedly become one of the most missed aspect of Japan from this trip. Just for revisiting a morning like that, I would fly all the way back to Arashiyama in a heartbeat. 

Green tea is known for cleansing to the body, meaning you get extra hungry after drinking it. Being in Arashiyama for a good 3 days, we decided to explore the little back roads from the hotel to the main street. And thank lord we did, because the quiet residential road led us to the best little family run cafe -- Cafe Takahashi.

From the outside, it looked just like a residential house, but a signage at the door stated 'Lunch menu' so and so.

As we went in, a cosy little hallway led to a bar seating area equipped with laboratory like coffee making facilities. A friendly grandpa manned the station alone. 

Fascinated by the different tools and gadgets and antique coffee cups from all around the world, we gave up the sunny outdoor seatings and settled down right in front of the bar.

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